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Mold removal is more complicated that simply cleaning the visible mold that has grown on damp wood or flooded drywall. Mold spores can spread everywhere, inside your home and outside, but without excess moisture they move through the air and are never able to properly colonize and spread.

To correctly deal with a mold infestation, the first step is to eliminate the source of moisture that caused the problem.

Let our mold remediation experts come and give you a complete assessment along with a detailed mold removal process. We provide mold inspections, mold evaluations, mold damage restoration, mold elimination and cleanup, expert mold remediation and water damage restoration. Mold remediation requires containing the infestation, removing mold damaged materials, cleaned and sanitized, and air purification to remove any remaining spores in the air.

We also provide dehumidification and air scrubbing technology to kill off the last of the spores in the air. Most importantly to prevent future damage or contamination, we apply specific mold control and prevention applications prior to restoring any water or mold damaged repairs.

In addition to complete commercial and residential mold removal services, we attack a mold problem at its source – the dampness, condensation or soaked-in water that gives mold spores a chance to thrive. Whether it’s after a flood or a due to a leaky pipe, our technicians have the experience to prevent future mold infestations before they even have the chance to start. We also handle mold removal for infestations that occur in unseen places where dampness does is able to continue unchecked. Our expert mold remediation and mold removal process guarantees complete mold removal. We will remove any mold contaminated surfaces and completely clean, sanitize and dry every surface in the structure where mold removal services are performed.

Hidden mold infested areas can include:

Crawl spaces

Damp Basements


Under carpeting

Above Ceiling tiles

In and Around Ductwork

Mold removal services requires the complete removal of all mold contaminated surfaces and furniture and replacing any structural components that have been damage in order to guarantee complete removal of mold and to protect your family or employees health and safety.

And since we are a full-service mold removal and restoration company, there’s no need to hire another company to finish the job. We offer complete reconstruction services for any water or fire damage you might have. Along with mold removal, we also eliminating the source and prevent future outbreaks.

Offering residential and commercial mold inspections and mold removal specialists, with many years experience in the disaster cleanup and restoration business. Call today with any questions you might have about our mold removal and remediation processes anywhere in the Miami Metro area.